Shadow Symphony

by Erika Lemay

The latest of Erika Lemay’s creations, SHADOW SYMPHONY is a personal ode to passion. A woman, in a conversation with her shadow, reconnects with the lost part of herself. From the onset, Shadow Symphony captures the audience’s attention with its haunting beauty.

Known for her gravity-defying Physical Poetry, Lemay’s aerial performance, accompanied by a symphony of shadows and lights, create an otherworldly atmosphere that straddles the boundaries between reality and imagination.

In this powerfully evocative piece, we are invited to engage in our own conversation with the forgotten aspects of our being and to ultimately rediscover the raw and passionate fire that resides within us all. This piece unfolds over a high impact 20-minute (55 minutes in its theatrical version).


PART I — FRAGMENTED SELF // House of Memories 

PART III — METAMORPHOSIS // Catalyst for Change 

PART III — REBIRTH // Closing the Castle of Little Lies

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