Ukraine – A Testimony

by By Ann Kovtun, Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Oksana Smetnayuk and Per-Olav Sørensen

The performance is a testimony on the war in Ukraine from the perspective of three young women who fled their homeland in February-March 2022. A mosaic of thoughts, dreams, horrors, anxiety, guilt, shame and anger. But it is also a play about hope, and how the light inside still can be kept in troubled times. The young women give us an insight in the struggle of staying sane through their own art, through music, lyrics and dance. Their honest thoughts about finding ways to stay mentally in balance, will find resonance in the audience everywhere, and perhaps among young women and men.

The war is not just numbers of missiles or losses of tanks, it is mostly about people getting their lives destroyed. In «Ukraine – A Testimony» you meet three of them. All are under 30 years of age. And all three have made big personal sacrifices to survive.

The production is directed by Per-Olav Sørensen, and Reidar Richardsen has created the light design.