The Global Ensemble Theatre

The Global Ensemble Theatre is a production unit for touring and creating new performances for stage. It might be theatre in all its forms: dance, new circus, or different kinds of performances. We take care of booking and organize tours for our own productions as well as several other productions, production companies or selected talent.

We collaborate with high-end talents internationally and locally, and aim at being a company that takes good care of our talents, while helping them to broaden their possibilities to perform their art. We also collaborate with theatre institutions in assisting them getting plays and productions on tour.

We also run The NonStop International Theatre Festival in Moss (60 km south of Oslo), and have done so since 2004. The festival gathers artists from all over the world for nonstop performances during a week in September every year.


Geir Meum Olsen - CEO
+ 47 95906589

Per-Olav Sørensen
Artistic Director

Carmen Gloria Pérez