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TERJE VIGEN with Kseniya Simonova

by Henrik Ibsen
The renowned sand artist Kseniya Simonova, celebrated for her victory on Ukraine’s Got Talent and hailed as an internet phenomenon…
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FØKK ALLE with Anette Amelia Larsen

by Unga Dramaten and Teater Fryshuset
She already knew everything at school. It was like she was spending time there. But the teachers didn’t give a…
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by Gosia Mielech
Urban art balances between art and vandalism. It’s an unfettered statement, in which the anonymous creators can express themselves without…
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by Gosia Mielech
Fear- a tribal emotion that provokes destruction and can provide survival, a slimy creature that glides under your skin and…
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HAUGTUSSA with Ane Dahl Torp and Sjur Miljeteig

by Arne Garborg & Det Norske Teatret
«Haugtussa» delves into the labyrinth of the subconscious, exploring the urges and complexities of the human mind. The narrative centers…
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Miss Liberty

by Gosia Mielech
Miss Liberty depicts a poetic process of redefining freedom. Miss Liberty transforms from larvae in a cocoon into a butterfly…
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Ukraine – A Testimony

by By Ann Kovtun, Anetta Aleksandra Anisimova, Oksana Smetnayuk and Per-Olav Sørensen
The performance is a testimony on the war in Ukraine from the perspective of three young women who fled their…
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by Fredrik Høyer
How to create meaning when the whole world is just a ‘huh?’ «Grønlandsutraen» is about fear and anxiety, about big…
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Shadow Symphony

by Erika Lemay
The latest of Erika Lemay’s creations, SHADOW SYMPHONY is a personal ode to passion. A woman, in a conversation with her shadow,…
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CASSANDRA with Izabell

by Mattis Herman Nyquist and Fredrik Høyer
In Cassandra, Mattis Herman Nyquist and Fredrik Høyer continue their dramatic project, which in its distinctive way, in monologue form,…
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SOLARIS KORRIGERT with Ane Dahl Torp and Sjur Miljeteig

by Øyvind Rimbereid & Det Norske Teatret
The year is 2480, and Earth is no longer a hospitable place. Could the empty oil wells hold a glimmer…