FØKK ALLE with Anette Amelia Larsen

by Unga Dramaten and Teater Fryshuset

She already knew everything at school. It was like she was spending time there. But the teachers didn’t give a shit, neither did the parents. And soon, she didn’t give a shit. In school. In society. In everything. It started with a robbery. Not for the money, but for the kick of it. The youth home system just made her a criminal, a real criminal. 

The production is a collaboration between Unga Dramaten and Teater Fryshuset, which follows the attention-grabbing productions Klipp han and Bye Bye Bror with a final and concluding part in the trilogy about the shootings and murders among young people. Similar to the two previous series, Fuck is based on interviews, this time with a number of women from different parts of Sweden, who are or have been lifestyle criminals. 

That young women are given more prominent roles in criminal networks is a trend Fryshuset has warned about for many years, and at the same time has called for greater prevention and follow-up efforts. Here we get a raw and naked insight into the women’s lives and their opportunities to change their lifestyle.